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Daily Bull 6.22.15

HOOOS let the dogs out
HOOOS let the dogs out
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

HAPPY MONDAY, ALL. Let's get down to brass tacks.

About 2.5 months and counting. Last week's news, but here's the deets for our first three matchups of 2015. You know it's off-season when even Jimmy Gards is saying semi-nice things about neutral site games. SHEESH.

Just the facts. The DMN rolled out a handy little primer on the Aggie head coach. Here's a quick primer with 10 facts you may or may not have known about Kevin Sumlin. Keep studying, 'cause there's a quiz at the end of the summer.

HEY LOOK, STARK COLD WAR ARCHITECTURE. No, it's not another campus tour. EDSBS takes a look at how the Brutalist Playground is an apt metaphor for everyone's college football season.

SEC ROOTS. The worldwide leader's SEC blog takes a long look at where the heck SEC football players come from.No surprise that Atlanta's the heart of the conference's talent, but Texas is making some pretty good inroads. Also, man, that is a lot of football players.

REMATCH REVISITED. The College World Series finale starts tonight with Vandy and Virginia playing for the title the second straight year. There will be scuffed boat shoes and Croakies thrown in disgust in large quantities somewhere or another in the next few nights.