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GBH Mailbag #4

We didn't forget. Yet.

cuppycup screens all letters received at GBH Headquarters
cuppycup screens all letters received at GBH Headquarters
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Howdy, all! Have you been agonizing over existential questions but aren't quite sure who to approach for answers? Do you have elaborate and sophomoric hijinx plotted and are just searching for an outlet and audience? Do you actually want to hear our modest opinions on football things? If you've answered "maybe" to any of the above, feel free to shoot us questions at

Now, then. It's been a few days couple weeks, and we're going to try to catch up in chronological order as best we can. So grab a snack and buckle in so we can knock out the rest of this miserable work week.

1. 9 wins, over under?

--Taylor F

thacktor: Over

Rush: Push

Chuck: Over

James: Push

BONUS ANALYSIS: it's June, we're all hopped up on Myles Garrett and Kyle Allen hype, and LSU's whole roster's gonna be arrested by mid-August. THINGS ARE LOOKING PEACHY.

2. How good do you think Kyler will be playing baseball for us?

--Samuel M

thacktor: Better than if he wasn't playing baseball.


Chuck: What's the baseball equivalent of the Heisman? I guess it doesn't really matter, because he won't be getting that.

James: Babe Ruthian but faster and better.

3. Okay, what is your favorite John Hughes directed film?

Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Uncle Buck.

Or is this too old for GBH fandom?

Yours Forever,
Shooter Flatch

thacktor: I gotta go with Uncle Buck.

Rush: Planes, Trains & Automobiles. "Those aren't pillows..." is in my heavy rotation of movie quotes that I use regularly.

James: Planes, Trains, & Automobiles.

4. What do you think will be the most important game next year?


thacktor: The one we play in Atlanta at the end of the season. How do you like that answer?

Rush: Arkansas. Last year was a squeaker and this will be the litmus test for how well our front seven will stack up against SEC power teams. First conference game. Et Cetera.

Chuck: LSU. Everything else aside, we need to finally beat those guys. Otherwise, the "we dont need tu we have a new rival and there better and were better and everythings better i dont care about tu" argument seems to hold less weight.

James: Arkansas. We'll know how fucked or unfucked we are on defense about 10 minutes into that one.

5. You’re in a bar fight on north gate who ya got Jay Arnold or Spencer Nealy?


thacktor: On my team? I want Spencer. That guy's the right kind of crazy.

Rush: Wait, are they fighting each other? SOMEONE CALL ESPN OUTSIDE THE LINES ASAP.

Chuck: I think I want Jay Arnold. He's got that quiet confidence that makes me assume he can beat someone's ass pretty thoroughly.

James: I don't want to fight Jay Arnold. Watches a lot of hockey and MMA.

HOWEVA, I'd pick Nealy as my scrappin' sidekick.

Thanks again to everyone who's asking the TOUGH QUESTIONS. Keep 'em coming in and have a hell of a week.