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Daily Bull 6.16.15

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Dominoes everywhere. If you were worried that we hadn't snagged a WR commit in a little while, worry no longer, because Sumlin & crew picked up Langham Creek prospect Quartney Davis yesterday. Davis is the latest in a pretty hot June for 2016 recruiting.

FROM THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN. Et Cetera. ESPN's Pac-12 blog is taking a look at key non-conference foes on their collective 2015 schedule, and we're the latest focus for them. Looks like Arizona State might pay a little bit of attention to our pass rush.

YOU WANT ANSWERS? YOU WANT ANSWERS? Friend of the site Brandon Wheeland asks the Three Big Questions on everyone's mind and also gets bonus Camacho points for working in the word "gaggle" unironically.

NO. HANDS. This is amazing.

Have a hell of a Tuesday.