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Daily Bull 6.1.15

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

HAPPY JUNE, Y'ALL. We've made it through the spring and the rains. Now the long hot summer begins. Roll damn offseason  and crazy Bama weddin's.

SO MANY INNINGS. After 2 games and 26 innings (that's like 3 normal games if my arithmetic is holding up) A&M and Cal are evenly split at one game apiece and five total runs each. They'll play once again tonight at 6:30 for a berth in the super regionals. No word on whether or not Cheez-It Kid will be pitching.

TIME TO VOTE. The DMN previews all the opening weekend matchups for area schools and even gives us polls. Looks like ASU is expected to be a barn-burner and a hell of a game, but unfortunately the same can't be said of Notre Dame-Texas but HEY WHO CARES WE DON'T CARE MOVE ON NO ONE CARES but if you did care, a 79%-21% ND prediction would be fun.

GET A PIECE OF THAT PIE. EDSBS looks at alternate ways of distributing the SEC Network wealth amongst conference teams. Let's share that wealth with a Jesse Palmer in every press box and a FInebaum on every TV.

GOOD-BYE YOU'LL CERTAINLY BE MISSED EXCEPT NOT REALLY. Looks like ESPN is taking Mark May off the college football desk. Not sure where our favorite hypocrite will end up but he'll surely bring an inestimable measure of prestige and gravitas to whatever sport he covers. I'm hoping for cricket or curling.

8-BALL. It's a few days old but someone's got a new number for 2015.