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Daily Bull 5.6.15

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THE CINCINNATI KID. Now that the draft dust has settled, Ced's had a chance to meet his new neighbors and vice-versa.'s Jim Owczarski penned an in-depth introductory profile of the Ogbuehis as they met with the Bengals' press corps. It's a really nice piece, and a lot of folks within the organization are excited about Ced's future. Thanks for the link, Jim!

BASICALLY THE END TIMES ARE NEAR. Yes, Munch Madness has been decided. The results will sicken you and sink you into a despondency so deep you'll only be able to eat your way out of it. cup's got the final verdict on deck, but in the meantime you can sob into your breakfast while you re-hash every agonizing round here to catch up.

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If only we had a reluctant hero to crunch out some graphs for us...