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Daily Bull 5.5.15

fans in Austin were super excited about the draft
fans in Austin were super excited about the draft
Matt Archer/Getty Images

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THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING. Spring football dies down. The wildflowers around the state slowly fade to muted hues before giving way to the drab green and brown gristly weeds of summer. The temperatures rise until the air conditioners never stop their faithful humming. We begin earnestly marking the days off the calendars until August and finally arrives, haughty as it likes, the worst month of them all. But first, we get shit like this. Pay attention, ladies and gentlemen, because THIS is how you pander.


Alright alright alright.

How's that gorge? It it rising rapidly? How about some more indignation: Mark Schlabach released his irresponsibly-and-impossibly-early-like-we-still-have-way-too-much-time-to-rethink-this-what-the-hell-you-doing-Mark Top 25 and GUESS WHO GOT SNUBBED. And there were TEAMS WE BEAT ranked BEFORE US. Clutch those pearls tightly and faint away gently, we still have four months of off-season coming.

The Munch Madness Final is coming at you real soon, so get ready to be even more flummoxed. Have a great Tuesday.