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Aggie Social Media: Bevel Up

Aggie Twitter's latest superpower

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Look out, Aggie social media.

For years you knew him as @atmSECede on Twitter, valiantly reheating TexAgs threads about wanting A&M to join the SEC during the latest rounds of realignment. His was a hero's task, as if there were a dearth of voices clamoring for this move and we needed a single leader to unify us.

His mission accomplished and his zeal sated, he settled into the ardent role of JFF defender and Teo critic, another corner of the Aggie Internet that just needed that one more clamorous voice to add to the fire. Aimlessly retweeting baseball game updates and College Station weather for months, the voice was nearly idle for many, many months.

He had been quiet for a time, tweeting just twice in over a year until the latest tragedy befell us as a University. Finally there was a new forum for the angst.

I'm talkin' 'bout the bevel, of course.

He's kicked off the cobwebs and reheated the ire in his voice and a new name was born. @NoBevelTntheSEC. Not this conference, where there's so much at stake, not now. We just can't risk it.

I don't want to pick on Mr. Keith. He's a very passionate Ag who obviously has put a great deal of energy and time into something that he considers very important. I just feel that he's lost and that acting on Twitter is not going to accomplish his goals.  This sort of isolated and narrowly-focused outrage is much better suited to the nostalgic silos of Facebook, which is just a more global extension of the similar haven that TexAgs provides: where encouraging support on the fringes of the internet can turn almost any stance into a perceived majority. Polls and numbers and articles pile up and before you know it, you're the voice of a movement to outlaw a bevel on a logo on something most people don't even realize exists. But you know what? That shouldn't stop him from trying. We've all got something to say and a right to say it, so keep swinging that non-beveled hatchet.

This is why the Internet is great and why college sports is the greatest. I don't think this is anything worth getting amped up over, but Mr. Keith does. He thinks it's worth devoting his customized Twitter account to keeping the font effect from spoiling the prestige of the SEC, and that sort of attention to detail deserves a sort of grudging respect in the spirit of GBH's rebellious nature. But it's also in our nature to poke fun.

Bevel the hell up.