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Daily Bull 4.8.15

chill out, owls
chill out, owls
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NOT SO SMART NOW ARE YOU well, yes, you're actually probably really smart, Rice Owls baseball team, but still. The Ags rallied around a couple of late homers to come back and beat #13 Rice at Olsen last night 4-3. This victory over a ranked team should push them  .0000000001 points closer to being #1 in all those inferior polls that don't have them #1 at the moment GIG EM. The team will host Mississippi State this weekend and all cowbells will be confiscated and melted down to construct warming trays for Kyle Field Concessions, LLC. Violators will not be prosecuted, only driven out to North Zulch, dropped on foot, and left to their own devices.

The year that was... Brandon Wheeland reviews the 2014-2015 hoops season and all the inherent pain that lies therein. I agree that the lowest point of the year came only one week after the pinnacle of the season, that first week of March when the tourney hopes evaporated like so much spilled Dr. Pepper on a Kyle Field bleacher in September, leaving only a fetid, sticky residue for flies to feast on once everyone has gone.

And speaking of fetid...the NFL Draft is only many weeks away now, so prepare yourself for the onslaught of brash, smug, condescending, and flippant analysis of the players you've watched for the last several football seasons that make you question whether or not they are actually the same players. EDSBS dropped their first Draft Panel show already, and it's looking like it'll be a chippy NFL Draft Analysis Analysis season once again.

Enjoy your Wednesdays. Hopefully the Trendsday will be along at some point so keep an eye out for Chuck and his bag of graphs.