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Daily Bull 4.7.15

the face of pure evil
the face of pure evil
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One shining moment, et. al. Duke beat Wisconsin at basketball last night. Congratulations, Duke. Hope you're happy, Duke fans. We're talking about people's lives here.

WHO ELSE IS #1 THOUGH? The Aggies. The baseball team. After sweeping Kentucky over the weekend, the Ags remain atop the USA Today poll and just behind Vandy in the composite. Here's the full poll picture. We'll be hosting Rice tonight at 6:35.

Break it down Brandon Wheeland's got your RB position snapshot in the DMN college blog. Things look pretty good with Carson set to be a workhorse and Williams as a change of pace back, but I think White will be more than ready to step in and be the go-to back when those guys are gone after this year. Only 144 more days to talk about this, so make sure to get your opinions heard LOUDLY and OFTEN.

WELCOME TO THE SHOW. Coack Sumlin extended a warm greeting to the latest victim of #SECBasketballFever when he tweeted kind words at Alabama's Avery Johnson yesterday. What he was really pleased about was that he could now more easily devote more time to recruiting Avery, Jr. away from basketball to play defensive back. Please note that this is complete speculation, but also that it's not completely crazy, is it? Don't answer that.

Have a fantastic Tuesday and we'll see if we can't kick up some offseason #content for you in the meantime.