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10 Years Pass: 2005's SEC QBs

A look back at who was leading SEC offenses a decade ago

Brad Smith was infuriatingly good
Brad Smith was infuriatingly good
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It is off-season, so I decided to shamelessly piggyback off of James' recent post about 2005's SEC coaching situation, and where each current coach was a decade ago. The next logical step was quarterbacks, because there were a few notables that year. And everyone remembers the QB.

I remember watching most of these guys play, but I am certainly no expert, so we reached out to Twitter. This is more of a behind-the-music-style look back at the quarterbacks of yesteryear with insight from fans of each school regarding who was helming their team's offense ten seasons ago. Buckle up.


South Carolina: Blake Mitchell

Punched a goddamn bouncer in the face. Softened the HBC up for eventual superstar Stephen Garcia. Made quite an impression on the Gamecock faithful, apparently.

Tennessee: Rick Clausen/Erik Ainge

The Vols were coming off a huge Cotton Bowl blowout win over some Big 12 team, but Phil Fulmer fell victim to the two quarterback system and a losing season. Was this popular with fans?

Vandy: Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler was the cream of the 2005 SEC QB crop when you speak of MEASURABLES and other professional football things. He's still an NFL star today. He was the SEC Offensive POY in 2005 for a perennial doormat team. His efforts and the attention he got for the program would catapult them into relevancy for several years after he left.

So I tried. I really did try.

Florida: Chris Leak

That's nice.

Georgia:  DJ Shockley

It's a good thing they're not bitter.

Kentucky: Andre Woodson

This is apparently a painful subject. We were lucky to get this much.

Mizzou: Brad Smith

Brad Smith is probably my favorite QB of 2005. He was one of those quietly efficient and infuriatingly effective QBs that don't come around very often: a combination of very good, very calm, and very smart.


Alabama: Brodie Croyle

What a hell of an SEC name. And nothing butters our toast more than Alabama Football Haikus.

Auburn: Brandon Cox

He had a tough act to follow as an underclassman after the undefeated year.

LSU: JaMarcus Russell

Moving pictures are worth lots of words. Is it bad that Les Miles somehow had a more stable QB situation in his first year than he does now?

Ole Miss: Michael Spurlock

Mississippi State: Michael Henig*

The Bulldogs currently have the unquestioned dean of SEC quarterbacks. Don't think for a moment they don't appreciate it.

*In 2005, SEC QBs in the state of Mississippi combined for a total of 19 TD passes and 28 interceptions.[ 10/10 (MSU) and 9/18 (OM) ]

Arkansas: Casey Dick

Doc Harper has the whole scoop:

A&M: Reggie McNeal

Expectations were high heading into 2005. Reggie possibly had more hype around him than any previous Aggie QB at that point after his breakout 2004 season. He was a dark horse Heisman candidate. A smooth, polished, lightning-quick senior. He's should have been our version of Brad Smith. Instead...

Well-said. Haiku isn't the only poetry in the industry.

Thanks a ton to everyone who joined in the responses. We hope you've enjoyed this trip down memory lane, or at least weren't scarred too badly by it. It's a testament to how far QB play has come in this league. Unless you're Vandy. Sorry, Vandy.