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Daily Bull 4.29.15

fear is the best tackler
fear is the best tackler
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Let's not drag these things out in such a dramatic fashion, guys. The Aggie Baseballers returned to Olsen last night and played host to Texas State (that's the Bobcats, not the Armadillos, if you are perchance a repeat reader from yesterday). Anyway, the game went 11 innings, so I assume it only ended about an hour ago with the Ags taking the decision 8-7. Note: the link contains something called a "Rob Childress Raw Interview" although I prefer mine medium-rare at least.

And with the supplemental option brokered from contractual strategic analysis, the readers select whoopy's NFL Draft breakdown. The big day where raucous grown men in jerseys vie with each other to boo complete strangers on television is just around the corner. Prime yourself with our extensive look at each of the Aggie players who may or may not have a shot at getting drafted over the weekend.

OR, if conference solidarity is your thing: Team Speed Kills has compiled the predictions for the first round and lets you know where to possibly expect each player to fall. Maybe. It's the NFL Draft, though, so something stupid will probably happen; some unheard-of player from Sacramento State will be drafted at #12 and a two-time All-SEC player will plummet into the mid-second round. Because of UPSIDE or something similar. Should be a hoot.

This is a must-read. Reserve your advance copy now, because Steve Spurrier's got an autobiography coming out. Spencer Hall gives us a sneak peek right here.