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Daily Bull 4.27.15

Nick Saban's pool house garage
Nick Saban's pool house garage
Mark Wilson/Getty Images


Are your defensive backs 100% Texas-raised and hand-picked? We're heading in that direction, with Chavis doing the hand-picking in this case of an under-the-radar athlete who may end up at CB. He looks pretty versatile and coaches have great expectations of him.

Do you like mockery? Are you interested in the ENN EFF ELL DRAFFFT? Did you even know they were two separate entities? If the answer to any of those questions is anything at all, keep up with all of the serious business at Mocking The Draft, SB Nation's HQ for all things drafty. We've got some guys of our own who'll be mentioned this weekend, so stay tuned around here for more on them this week.

THE $4 MILLION MEN. There are now eighteen coaches in the country pulling down four million a year, and ten of them are right here in the SEC. This is probably way too much money but what are you gonna do? Let's just hope Sumlin earns it the next couple of seasons. GET US TO ATLANTA COACH, WE WILL FOLLOW.