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Daily Bull 4.25.15

If I could just get off of this Dubai fairway
If I could just get off of this Dubai fairway
Andrew Redington/Getty Images


Good morning. Baseball is full of heartache. The last couple of innings from last night has the Rally Baby feeling just about like this:


Game 3 is at 1PM today at The Box and on ESPN. Let's get out of Carcosa with at least a little bit of dignity.

WE'VE GOT NEW FRIENDS. Those few short words from the Chancellor's got us all in a tizzy predicting a barren future for the biggest rivalry in the state. Speculation is the one tie that binds us closest now. No details have emerged yet on whether or not the friends are in low places or if they are good-time friends or even good friends.

HOW BOUT A NEUTRAL SITE GAME? No, we hate those things very much too, but MB's already doing the legwork in the world's most opulent desert metropolis so why the hell not?

WHO'S HUNGRY? Don't forget to be a good citizen and vote for restaurants in the food bracket plz. And don't forget to be kind to one another when dining out. Be cool, as EZ reminds us all: