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Daily Bull 4.22.15

Marc Serota/Getty Images


THAT'S A WRAP. Sam Khan, Jr. brings us a spring practice recap. Who's hot, who's not? What are five words to get excited about? How's this:

Defensively, the Aggies will attack:

/glances at calendar

//performs mental arithmetic

///reads internet for a hundred and something more days

Well...that's better. Aggie Baseball rebounded a bit after their struggles over the rainy weekend and took care of business against UT-Arlington, winning 4-2. A win's a win, we suppose, but they're going to need to be in top form come this weekend when we go and visit the new #1 team in Baton Rouge.

Full house. Reed Arena was at full capacity last night for the on-campus muster. The Guest speaker was US Rep. Will Hurd and it was the biggest of over 300 Musters held all over the world. This is really one of the more impressive traditions.