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Daily Bull 4.21.15

I'm borrowing a page from the jimmygards playbook. Take a knee.

100% of the players wearing #7 have transferred this year.
100% of the players wearing #7 have transferred this year.
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Yesterday we were greeted with the news that Laquvionte Gonzalez, the lightning-quick junior wideout, was leaving Texas A&M to play football elsewhere. An ominous reminder that receivers from the class of 2013 are jumping ship at an alarming rate!

Quiv transferring represents yet another hit to the much maligned class of 2013. A&M took 6 WRs that year (Quiv, Ricky Seals-Jones, Sebastian Larue, Kyrion Parker, Jeremy Tabuyo, and JaQuay Williams) and only two (RSJ and Tabuyo) are still currently on roster.

Four wide receivers. That's a lot. But it's not only the wide receivers. Linebackers and defensive players have left as well. And a famous quarterback. Seventeen in all, by one count:

Now certainly that's a high turnover rate. It's much more than we want. I'm sure that number came from somewhere, but I'm sure it also includes Cam Clear and Tommie Sanders, JuCo transfers who played two seasons and are out of eligibility. Not sure if it  includes Noel Ellis, who who had to take a medical redshirt due to type 1 diabetes, but since all's fair in INTERNET NUMBERS, it likely does.

When you look at the class of 2013 as a whole, there are noticeable hits: Golden, Claiborne, Mastro, Kenny, etc. But there are also seasoned players who have been on the field since day one and will be leaders next season, like RSJ, Daeshon Hall, and Jay Arnold. There are players poised to have three solid seasons ahead of them as major contributors and starters like James White and Victor Davis. And there are guys we are counting on to stay healthy like Shaan Washington because of their immense talents.

In short: turnover is bad. It's very bad when it stems from the wrong reasons, like they did last summer. It's less bad when it's bred from competition, like at the wideout position. Turnover is going to happen when you recruit like we have over the past few years, and with that turnover comes the knee-jerk reactions pointing out how bad our turnover is, even though we probably know better. We're going to see these reactions from now on when we hear of a player transferring, even a junior wideout with only a handful of catches who was buried on the depth chart and could probably start for two seasons at a smaller program.

I choose to follow the sage advice of H. I. McDonnough.