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Daily Bull 4.15.15

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports


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DEATH. TAXES. BRUCE FELDMAN. Kick your IRS blues to the curb and cue up The Bruce's A&M spring practice wrap-up. The usual suspects received their due accolades, but here's a few more that he pointed out that we may want to keep an eye on: safety Justin Evans, RB James White, and WR Christian Kirk. And, as usual, this guy:

according to Aggies strength coach Larry Jackson, who said the only player he's been around who was anywhere near as explosive as Garrett was Adrian Peterson at Oklahoma.

KICK THAT HORSE SOME MORE HE MIGHT NOT BE DEAD. Today's Read-Option points out that Texas' schedule is quite full in the near future anyway, even if we did finally work out an agreement to play them. Kirk also lists the other rivalries that also fell victim to realignment, which is kind of a bummer: WVU-Pitt, Mizzou-Kansas, and (sort of) Michigan-Notre Dame.

THE WEST IS THE BEST? Well, it is right now. But as this detailed hypothetical from TSK points out, that wasn't always the case, and it won't always be in the future. Well, if this is what it takes for the balance of power to shift back to the East, then sign me up for your secret newsletter right now please:

The Kevin Sumlin-Chavis marriage works wonders, leading A&M to a conference and national title. Having climbed to the summit of college football, Sumlin decides it's time to think about the next challenge. An NFL team offers him crazy money and total roster control, and he takes it. His replacement turns out to be more Fran/Sherman than Sumlin in ability.

OK, we're gonna kick that horse carcass a little more too. Please vote in the poll to help us out with Wednesday Trendsday. Results will be collected at noon.