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Daily Bull 4.14.15

Joe Robbins-USA TODAY Sports


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Football. Real football things in a football voice. SI's Andy Staples takes a good hard look at John Chavis and the resurgence of the Aggie defense. The cards are all out on the table, and it's time for us to start winning some hands. In the meantime, easy there big guy. We don't have a lot of QBs sitting around on shelves.

Though he isn’t allowed to tackle Allen, the ban hasn’t precluded Garrett from putting his quarterback on the turf. "He can’t hit me, but he likes to give me that shove on the back," Allen said. "And he’s a lot stronger than he thinks he is. Half the time I end up on the ground anyway."

So long, Dr. Lou. ESPN will be without the former Notre Dame, Arkansas, and South Carolina coach this season, as he's decided to hang up the....whatever it is he's gonna hang up. You may not have liked him much for whatever reason, but he was a unique voice and he didn't take himself seriously, two things that are rare and refreshing these days in the universe of sprots talking heads. Best of luck, Coach. If you can help Peggy, you can help anyone.

State of the DL. Brandon Wheeland gives us a snapshot of the defensive line situation, and spoiler alert things look pretty rosy. It's not without sports cliches either, so don't THINK we didn't notice.

Julien Obioha will be moving inside to defensive tackle while the Aggies say goodbye to Ivan Robinson, considered a "coach on the field" according to his 12th man bio. Jay Arnold, an impressive talent and team favorite, has the skill to slide in nicely to that role.

Have a great Tuesday, all.