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Aggie Recruits React to Kyle Field's Reveille Ban

Will no Rev on the sidelines impact recruiting? Probably.

This will probably never happen again for these poor guys
This will probably never happen again for these poor guys
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M Football changed forever when we learned that due to updated building classifications, Reveille would no longer be allowed inside Kyle Field. While the outrage is widespread and justified, nowhere is it more keenly felt than on the football team itself, and even those who have decided to come to A&M to play football and have perhaps factored Reveille into their decisions in one way or another.

Here are what some recruits are saying about the lack of our iconic mascot within the football stadium:

Some were just plain surprised:

Some became philosophical:

Some took out their frustrations on their devices when they learned the news:

Some tried to downplay it as much as possible and maintain a bit of optimism:

Some were pretty shocked:

There was anger at those responsible:

Some took to prayer immediately:

And, inevitably, some were disenchanted with the news: