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Texas A&M Mens Basketball: 200/1 odds to win NCAA Tournament


he is not innocent
he is not innocent
Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

When I was a kid, we were vacationing in Port Aransas, the Redneck Riviera of the Gulf of Mexico. One day at the beach, I was targeted and subsequently dive-bombed by a vindictive seagull. He left a goopy trail of gritty, brown and white excrement from just behind my right ear to a point around my shoulder blade. Ha, ha. Mildly annoying, and funny for everyone else, but not really that uncommon or too much of an inconvenience because I could just go into the Gulf and wash it off.

Fast forward a few hours, and I am sitting with my family at a nice (probably not super-nice TBH) restaurant and we are dining outside on a deck by the water. At a covered table. Right about the time our plates are being cleared away I am struck out of nowhere again in the exact same spot with the exact same payload. It was like warm tan paint on my skin and seeping into my shirt. I would probably place the odds of this happening to one person in Port Aransas in a short time span on the same body part at about 1/200 because I know nothing about odds.

So the point is: laugh all you want, but it's not impossible. BTHO Everyone. And commence with your completely original Dumb and Dumber quotes as you will.

[These odds are courtesy of Bovada Las Vegas. Follow along at @BovadaLV. And hey...200/1 is still the same or  better odds than Xavier and St. John's got, and those guys sound really basketbally.]

Odds to win the 2014-15 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship

Kentucky                       1/1

Duke                                        17/2

Wisconsin                      9/1

Arizona                                     12/1

Virginia                                     12/1

Gonzaga                        14/1

Villanova                      16/1

Kansas                                     20/1

Utah                                         28/1

Iowa State                                 33/1

North Carolina                           33/1

Notre Dame                              33/1

Louisville                     40/1

Ohio State                          50/1

Wichita State                             50/1

Northern Iowa                            50/1

Arkansas                       66/1

Maryland                       66/1

Michigan State                          66/1

Oklahoma                       66/1

Baylor                                       75/1

Butler                                        75/1

LSU                                          75/1

West Virginia                             75/1

Georgetown                     100/1

Ole Miss                           100/1

SMU                                         100/1

San Diego State                        100/1

Oklahoma State                        150/1

Oregon                                     150/1

Texas                                       150/1

UConn                                      150/1

VCU                                         150/1

Dayton                                     200/1

Georgia                        200/1

Indiana                                      200/1

Iowa                                         200/1

Miami FL                             200/1

NC State                          200/1

Providence                     200/1

Purdue                                      200/1

Texas A&M                               200/1

Xavier                                       200/1

BYU                                        300/1

Cincinnati                     300/1

Colorado State                          300/1

Illinois                                       300/1

Pittsburgh                     300/1

St. John's                         300/1

Stanford                       300/1

UCLA                                        300/1

Florida                                      500/1

Harvard                        500/1

Michigan                       500/1

Temple                                     500/1

Murray State                             500/1

Memphis                        1000/1

Minnesota                      1000/1

Vanderbilt                     1000/1