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Daily Bull 3.4.15: Wednesday Trendsday

"wait until Chuck sees these numbers"
"wait until Chuck sees these numbers"
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images


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Oh dear. #SECBasketballFever took hold firmly last night, as the Aggies were bitten, chewed on, and nearly devoured whole by the turnover bugs in Florida. Does this mean much for our post-season? I don't know; probably not. Is it unsettling to see after how well the team has played over the past two months? Most certainly. The final regular-season game is Saturday against Alabama at home.

13-0 LET'S GO #BRAND SOMETHING. The baseballers toughed it out last night against a couple of surges from Dallas Baptist, holding the [checks website...] Patriots [okay...] off by a final tally of 7-5. The unblemished resume looks nice but the team will take on some tough customers this weekend in Houston at the Astros College Classic.

Vote early & often. As we all know, internet polls are the official currency of braggadocio, and we're locked in a dead heat with Texas Tech in this poll about which school in Texas has the best traditions. Well done, DMN. All our clicks are yours.

THAT'S RIGHT YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS. Wednesday Trendsday: A Look At The Misleading Statistics That Shape Your Life