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Daily Bull 3.31.15

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports


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#1 in our hearts, #1 in the USA. Today Poll, that is. Aggie Baseball keeps rolling all March long and will try to close out the month with another win against SHSU tonight. The Bearkats have been missing their spark ever since Samantha retired.

Doing real work. The entire football team turned out to Twin City Mission in Bryan on Friday for the Big Event. They tackled the chore with SEC SPEEEED  & gusto:

The tasks were divided by position group. The wide receivers were charged with putting a fresh coat of paint on the playground while the defensive backs were responsible for weeding the flower beds.

You'll be happy to know that the playground surfaces were attacked with long brush strokes, not short comeback strokes, and the weeds were not given a 7-8 yard cushion as they had been in the past.

Yes it's confusing, but UT is about to hire Rick Barnes. Maybe. Let me break it down in the most ill-informed way imaginable, a PRO/CON shortlist:

PROS FOR RICK BARNES: somewhat reasonable expectations; can keep most of his orange ties

CONS FOR RICK BARNES: significant dearth of farm-to-table Icelandic-Australian Fusion hybrid food trucks (if he's into that sort of thing)