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Daily Bull 3.30.15

This is Sparty. On the right.
This is Sparty. On the right.
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports


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Happy Monday of Final Four Week Basketball Extravaganza. The big stage has been set for this weekend and here's why college basketball is unique: it's college basketball. Everything you need to know about the Final Four and a small recap of how we got there.

Do you have a phone? Then you can probably check out Aggie Football scrimmaging, thanks to the magic of the intertron. In case you missed Ranger's piece on Saturday


Now you have angered them. After falling 3-2 to Mizzou on Saturday for the first home loss of the season, Aggie Baseball bounced back to dispatch the Tigers 14-6 yesterday. Man. If only we could put up 14 in the third in football against Mizzou, right? Guys? Hello? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Good call, EZ.

Let's talk some Fresh Prince hypotheticals.