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Daily Bull 3.25.15

it's a roadrunner made of repurposed mascot parts and peyote
it's a roadrunner made of repurposed mascot parts and peyote
Tom Hauck/Getty Images


Part of the Official Sideline Collection from Adidas. Available in maroon, white, and black for $69.99

Morning, gentlemen and women. First, Wednesday Trendsday will be coming to you as a separate feature once again this week, so feel free to leave now if that's what you're after. We'll just be doing our thing here in the DB. No one's more adamant about Wednesday Trendsday than Chuck, so I can't tell if he's just busy or playing the long con to try to bump the trend in the graph release date after last week's Thursday posting. What an exciting off-season environment!

There we go. It's from Bugs Bunny, get it? The Aggies accomplished what Wile E. Coyote couldn't for all those years last night by capturing, torturing, and performing sundry other cruel acts upon the person of the Roadrunners. The visiting team jumped out to an early 6-0 lead and cruised to an 11-1 victory in a cloud of puffy dust while brandishing their recently-purchased ACME-brand bats with gusto. We don't get many chances for cartoon references so one must capitalize when they come along. Word out of the first day of spring practice is that our defensive cornerbacks were seen engaging in a method known as "man" or "press" coverage whereby they aligned themselves closer than 8 yards from the offensive receiver and actually "bumped" them and otherwise "challenged" their routes. GBH has spent the entire evening consulting the rulebook and it does, in fact, appear to be within the regulations. We'll keep an eye peeled for other trend-setting developments.