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Daily Bull 3.24.15

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports


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March Badness. The clattering, knocking, smoke-billowing vehicle of a men's basketball season finally ground to a halt last night as we fell to a sparky Louisiana Tech team in the second round of the NIT 84-72 (hey, only slightly higher-scoring than that football game in '12 amirite).  The fellas will have some post-season thoughts and wrapups in the next couple weeks before we box those NIT shirts up in mothballs for next year.

THAT'S RIGHT WE SAID YOGA. Remember the Wrecking Crew great, linebacker Keith Mitchell? Guess what he's up to these days well he's in LA doing yoga after a serious spinal injury forced him into early retirement from a stellar NFL career several years ago. Our Ag friends at shared this great interview with Keith. They discuss yoga, the NFL, Mike Ditka, Johnny Football, and The Real Housewives. Good Bull Hunting: uniting living room discussions since 2012.

ON A MISSION. The baseballers journey to San Antonio tonight for a game against UTSA in the home stadium of the San Antonio Missions and Legendary Puffy Taco Mascot. KBTX has your preview here.

Well, to be fair there are a few of them. Thanks for asking the tough, follow-up questions, string.