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Daily Bull 3.23.15

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images


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THAT'S UALR, FOLKS. Terrible play on words, terrible result. WBB is out of the tourney already after losing in the first round. BUT NOT TO WORRY. The men continue their barnstorming of the NIT field tonight at Reed Arena against Louisiana Tech. 6 PM on ESPN if you dare. The madness continues elsewhere, so keep your finger on the pulse here.

BASEBAWWWWWWLLLLLL. The streak is over. Roll. Damn. Tide. They had too much Bama in 'em for us. Et Cetera.

Just lookin' for clues. The gumshoes over at 247 Sports take a look at Utah's 2014 offense to try to get an idea of what new OL coach and run game coordinator Dave Christensen might be up to with the Ags in 2015. Here are a thousand anagrams for RUN THE DANG BALL just 'cuz we love y'all.

What would happen if ran a helmet Photoshop piece? THESE COMMENTS, THAT'S WHAT. Imagine the darker reaches of Alabama Facebook. SLOW NEWS DAY GET IT