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Yelp Leaders Review Austin Food Trucks for SXSW

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Yelp is a restaurant review website we've been into since back in 2013.

yelp us
yelp us
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Well, it's mid-March, which means every cool person on the Internet is descending on Austin, TX to attend instructive seminars and listen to meaningful music. If they have time, they might even eat some cutting-edge food around the city. We decided to be helpful and submitted several reviews free of charge to help the assuage the discerning palates of festival-goers. Screencaps are included for your convenience as well as for posterity. Don't forget to read Yelp Leaders I; you've probably never heard of it since it's before we went lamestream.

My review can be read here.

yelp leaders 2 Rush

Chuck's review can be read here.

yelp leaders 2 Chuck

cuppycup's review can be read here.

yelp leaders 2 Cup

And finally, you can read Jimmy's review here.

yelp leaders 2 Jimmy

The Yelp Leaders are always on the lookout for the next food movement. We'll be brainstorming over our Finnish-Argentine Fusion Bistro Brunch this weekend about what to tackle next, so feel free to drop your own suggestions in the comments.