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Daily Bull 3.17.15

 if you drink green beer, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.
if you drink green beer, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.
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Don't forget to bracketize yourself. Derek's got the GBH group up and running. We're using a new system this year, so don't be fearful of jumping in and playing with the settings. My only advice is to follow your heart unless your heart tells you someone is going to upset Kentucky in the first or second rounds. Then give your heart a good stern talking-to.

22-0. The gentlemen of Olsen will be shooting for that mark tonight against PVAMU. Here's the game notes, which even include how to follow along on your PDA.

Tempe of Doom. For the other team. We hope. WBB is a 6 seed and will host the University of Arkansas-Little Rock on Saturday in Tempe, AZ in the first round of the women's tourney. More details coming up shortly.

SCRAMBLE THE LAWYERS. Seems as though some folks are none too pleased with Kyle Field seating reassignment, and have decided to sue over the matter. Perhaps our own legal community can weigh in here if they're done arguing over  Lord of the Rings semantics from yesterday's Daily Bull (j/k fellas, luv y'all).

Disregard me; I'm not Irish. Be careful out there if you're doing some pseudo-Irish thing today, even if that includes drinking dyed light beer at a place with "pub" worked into the name. But also, please don't do that. It's an affront to many things. The Irish make plenty of good beer and spirits of their own.