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Daily Bull 3.10.15

"House is out for the SEC tourney?"
"House is out for the SEC tourney?"
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COLLEGE HOOPS 101. What's the best way to watch a conference championship? Who should I root for to ensure the Aggies have the best shot at the NCAA tourney? Why are so many of the mascots just oversized puppets in Colonial American garb? The answers to a majority of these questions can be found in gigthem08's handy condensed rooting guide. Enjoy the squeakybricks.

BRACKETOLYSIS: Team Speed Kills focuses on the SEC Tournament bracket and why the seeding isn't great for getting six teams into the tournament. Aggies should be fine if they run the table and beat Kentucky and Arkansas; NBD. We'll be fine: we'll have House back and-- wh-what's that? He is? [string of expletives]

HISTORY IN THE MAKING. The baseballerz will look to keep their unbeaten streak alive against UTPA tonight and tomorrow in a two-game mid-week series before launching into SEC play against Auburn this weekend. It should be over 40 degrees for the games so get out there and watch, if you can.

DAKATTACK 2015: As you have no doubt heard, Mississippi State QB Dak Prescott and two of his teammates were jumped while at a concert in Panama City Beach during Spring Break yesterday. If you haven't heard, well, the folks at For Whom The Cowbell Tolls have you covered. Completely. The important news is that he is fine, apart from some superficial injuries and ready to put the incident behind him. Fortunately, we have the Internet and six more months without football to speculate on the root cause analysis, etc.