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Daily Bull 2.3.15

Never count out Assist Alex?
Never count out Assist Alex?
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports


Commemorate the Aggies win at the 2014 Liberty Bowl with this official Adidas t-shirt for $21.99.

OH TWITTER YOU ARE SOMETHING AREN'T YOU? High school kids tweeting various vague emoticons now has the ability to spark rampant speculation amongst various fanbases about their future and careers. If I were a recruit I'd be tweeting arcane 16th-century poetry or geographical coordinates to tiny Pacific Islands just to see how people would interpret them. No wonder these kids enjoy toying with the Internet.

SPEAKING OF WHICH... Here's a handy primer from our Indiana friends at @CrimsonQuarry

Movin' on up. Aggie Men's Hoops keeps on rising in the eyes of college basketball fans and media. ESPN's latest Bracketology thing has the squad as an 11-seed. Before this SEC streak started, we weren't even a consideration for the tourney. This is fun. We play Ole Miss tomorrow night, so watch for the preview.

You've heard of never counting out "Touchdown Tom"...well here is, uh... "Assist Alex"? (Nickname still in progress but will probably catch on because this is a horrible nickname and most popular nicknames are horrible.) Tennessee's coach Donnie Tyndall made the comparison during yesterday's SEC coaches' teleconference.

"[Junior point guard Alex] Caruso is like a Tom Brady: doesn’t make mistakes, does whatever a quarterback has to do, knows how to win," Tyndall said.

TSK has the latest buzz from early this week from around the SEC. Get your rest. Tomorrow will be a zany news day. Enjoy a normal Tuesday.