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Daily Bull 2.24.15

Sean Gallup/Getty Images


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NO PLANE? NO PROBLEM. Coach Kennedy and the hoops team ran into a spot of trouble when they couldn't de-ice the plane in College Station yesterday. So they adapted and took a bus to Houston to fly to Arkansas for one of the biggest games of the year. This is a great write-up on how Coach Kennedy has gotten there and gotten his team and himself in a better place.

THE RICH GET RICHER. And that's fine. Wondering how so many SEC schools threw huge stacks of cash around in their coaching searches this winter? Well, as Team Speed Kills points out, they may have known about an early windfall from the SEC Network on its way. Each school may be getting around $5 million this year, well ahead of the projected first payout.  It's only a matter of time before money isn't enough and we begin offering football coaches their own islands or small countries.

WELP...SHUT DOWN THE FOOTBALL PROGRAM. It's official: Texas has beaten Texas A&M in their only football competition of 2015: that's right, the recruiting services gave the Longhorns a composite grade of 272.52, over TWO ENTIRE POINTS over the Aggies' 270.51, placing the two programs at #10 and #11 nationally in the recruiting rankings. Since these ratings contain decimals are therefore an infallible science, that inevitably means that the momentum has swung entirely back to Austin and we'll never win another SEC game again. It was fun while it lasted, I guess.

SERIOUS APPLE BIDNESS, Y'ALL. It's peak February off-season nonsense time (as the last paragraph well indicates), so let's indulge. People apparently have strong opinions on apples, as you know. Hence today's poll.