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Daily Bull 2.23.15

Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images


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Did you hear that broom-like sound over there across the tracks from Kyle Field? Yeah that was just Aggie Baseball sweeping Penn State to move to 7-0 on the season. No one is allowed to shave or cut their hair for the next three months or so and also if you have a hat on flip it inside out or something.

TEAM O' THE WEEK. Team Speed Kills has your #SECBasketballFever update on the most recent rounds of games and the Ags got top billing after taking care of business and winning both games on the week. They should have won them, and they did, and that's always nice to see, especially when it matters this much. With four more games left, every one of them is vital. Stick around for your bubble update on GBH.

Hope y'all enjoyed the Oscars last night. My favorite part was when they celebrated how important movies are. I saw the part where they did a Lego song and then a Sound of Music tribute with Lady Gaga. I think the Super Bowl probably has better choreography. Anyway congrats to JK Rowling Simmons(a blogger's name if ever there was one) for winning one of the Oscars, but unfortunately it wasn't for his role as Leonard Stiltskin. The real heroes, however, are the seat-fillers.