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Daily Bull 2.12.15

how many strippers are in there?
how many strippers are in there?
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UGAly. The men's hoopers came out hot against Georgia last night but cooled down some in the second half, letting the game slip away in the end with sloppy play. DerekAggie06 has the recap and reminds us those are the games we need to win to be a tourney team. WBB takes on Arkansas tonight at Reed and hopes to bounce back from the loss at Mississippi State.

"Rich Man Problems." We've got 'em, and I suppose as problems go there could be worse ones. Barrett Sallee takes a look at the other half of long-term recruiting success: attrition. All we can do is keep signing top prospects. And doing good football things too, I guess that matters. Go get 'em, coach.

2015 SEC WEDDING PLANNER. Here's a helpful week-by-week guide from Sporting News for all you lovestruck dreamers out there thinking of tying the knot in the fall. Besides the obvious "WAIT TIL AFTER FOOTBALL SEASON" (which we will no doubt see in the comments), it may be the next best thing. But seriously, don't get offended if people still don't show up. I missed two of my cousins' weddings last October and November. WHICH LEADS ME TO THIS ELEGANT SEGUE