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Daily Bull 2.11.15

Today begins a new era in scientific documentation on GBH. We hope you are prepared.

the evidence is overwhelming
the evidence is overwhelming
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Another one. The attrition of the off-season and coaching changes continues, this time just one day after the Kyrion Parker news: MLB Jordan Mastrogiovanni will be leaving as well. whoopy does a nice job breaking down what's left of the linebacker depth chart here. Trust in Chavis, though. Trust in Chavis.

Early enrollin'. The Ags aren't the only ones with guys starting school early, although we are doing well over the last few years and have seven this year. ESPN looks at all 81 early enrollees in the SEC by school. Tennessee is leading the way this year with 10, while Vandy is on the other end of the spectrum with only one.

HOOPTY-FOULY-WHISTLE-DUNKYBALL. Call it what you like, but Aggie Men's Basketball is getting a lot of attention, and tonight's game against Georgia will be no different. Team Speed Kills sits up and takes notice. This should be a fun ride for the next few weeks.

HOWDY! We've got a new feature for y'all, and to give credit where credit is due it was inspired by the good folks of Burnt Orange Nation, and it involves the wonderful art of projection graphs. (link to article here)

INTRODUCING WEDNESDAY TRENDSDAY: A Weekly Look At The Misleading Statistics That Shape Your Life Because everything that you see on the internet is true. Presented by Chuck GBH.