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Daily Bull 12.8.15: Happy Heisman Anniversary

What a year 2012 was.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Three years ago, Johnny Manziel captured the most prestigious hardware in college football on the heels of a phenomenal, out-of-the-blue, wild ride of a season. That 2012 team put Aggie Football on the map for at least the foreseeable near future and set a standard that's been damn near impossible to live up to. But forget all the disappointment and perceived failings and go back and read this from our pal Chuck to remind yourself how unique and rare Johnny's 2012 really was.

TAEK FIVE. The Ags have won four consecutive bowl matchups, going back to the 2011 Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas, where they took care of Northwestern in the transition period following Mike Sherman's departure. Since then it's been bowl mania under Sumlin. They'll be going for number five in a row on December 30th, a feat that's never been accomplished in school history.

OH NO YOU DIDN'T. So much can go wrong with just one little tweet. discovered this the hard way yesterday. Hey Cocks...take it from your erstwhile rivals over here in the West: DON'T SHOEHORN NICKNAMES ONTO ANYONE. Hedonistic Battlefrog Consultant.

GET YER FRESH HOT BOWL RANKINGS. Which games are studs and which are duds I don't know but TSK has the scoop on the most exciting (Ole Miss and Oke State will punch you in the happy place and give you a three-hour football high)  and most horrific (Georgia-Penn State will collapse in upon itself in a cyclone of feeble ball movement avalanched by punting). Of course, we're somewhere in the middle. LIKE USUAL, AMIRITE


/drops gold-plated microphone

//goes back to checking eTrade on the computer in a public library

It's not off-season yet, so let's at least hold off on the nebulous academic/success gloating for another six weeks or so.

WBB got back on track yesterday with the early tip back home at Reed against SMU. jimhu's recap will drop shortly so stay tuned.