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Saturday 12/5 College Football TV Schedule and GBH Watchlist

We are all champions today.

little dab'll do ya
little dab'll do ya
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Hopefully your collective blood pressures have subsided after the College GameDay people said mean things about the Aggie football team. Now that your defense mechanisms are fully primed and your minds are limbered up from the stimulating GameDay sign creativity in Indianapolis you can indulge us in a final bout of football taeks. This is an abbreviated WATCHLIST and TV schedule rolled into one, so scroll to the bottom for the TV table.

What we are watching:

Dr. Norris Camacho

Stanford vs. USC

Oh yeah, there is a Pac-12 Championship game. This whole thing, this whole Stanford thing, started in on our collective consciences in 2007 on an October night in the Coliseum. Just look at how ridiculous this damn Wikipedia entry is. USC was ranked #1, undefeated, and a 41-point favorite over The Cardinal. 41. In a conference game. You don't even see that with OU and Kansas these days, probably in part due to this game. Watching Stanford churn out 17 points in the fourth quarter that night and somehow stop the unstoppable Trojan machine was, at the time, an exciting novelty in a season already full of them. But eight years later we know that that crazy Harbaugh guy was really damn good and that USC was in for a bit of the inevitable downturn following their unbelievable run of the early 2000s.

All that to say that this will be a pretty interesting game of execution vs. athletes, of stability vs. turmoil, of underdogs reversed. It's Shaw comfortably ensconced in his empire with the do-everything running back McCaffery, but the Trojans will be riding whatever internal wave of momentum has been generated by the naming of Clay Helton as head coach. There will be more meaningful games on over on the east coast and in the heartland, but this is our last shot at some manic, baffling, out-of-control mad Pac-12 action. Keep an eye on the ticker and be ready to flip.

Shooter Flatch

Michigan State vs Iowa
B1G Ten Championship

Welcome to a "play in" game for the college football playoffs.  With the way the standings and rankings have laid out, the winner of this game will absolutely be a part of the final four teams.

On one side you've got Michigan State.  Darth Dantonio studied under his sith master Darth Saban.  He's built Sparty into Alabama of the B1G.  Smothering defense.  Grind your opponent on offense and he knows to RUN THE DANG BALL PAWWWL.  Michigan State has been a force for the last 5-6 years now and they look primed for a run at a championship.  Root for Sparty if you want to see these two Dark Lords of Football battle in the playoffs.

But first, they have to get by the Iowa Hawkeyes.  In my opinion, they are the most fun story of the 2015 season.  Kirk Ferentz has been at Iowa 17 years and outside of a few big seasons he's hovered around that 7-5 mark way too often.  But this year they've done the unthinkable.  12-0.  I don't give a shit about their strength of schedule.  Getting a team of 18-22 year old kids to play consistently enough every weekend to find a way to win is damn impressive.   They are the party crashers.  The "nobody believes in us" team left standing.  As an Aggie I'm just wired to root for the underdog and team that never seems to have a chance.  College football is fun.  Watching this Iowa team piss off the blue bloods of the sport is fun.  GO HAWKEYES!!!

And the people have thus spoken.



Northern Iowa at Portland State
9:00pm ESPN Plus

So here we stand.

December 5th, and yet another college football season is drawing to a close much like the chances of Houston Nutt ever again finding gainful employment.

"But still!" You cry, showing horrific use of the English language. "There is the bowl season! And Playoffs!"

True, but this is the last Saturday to bathe all day in the glory that is college football, ignoring wife, work, and familial duty for a nobler cause: drinking just enough to maintain that steady euphoria without Falling Over The Ledge.

Which brings us to 9:00 on an ESPN platform I'm only 64% certain I can find. I'll be honest, I know very little about Portland State other than an improbable victory over the Washington State Pirates began their season.

Kurt Warner went to Northern Iowa, and after hours of Internet research, that appears to be the most interesting note about the school.

But let us be clear. I will find the channel, and if I can't, I will patch into my neighbors WatchESPN app and steal his login, because asmidnight rings and I slowly extinguish my 13th makers and coke, I can be content with a day - and a season - well done.


Grasp this fleeting moment while you can. We've got a couple weeks til bowls begin and then the long bright dark of the offseason. Savor it.


Sat, Dec 5, 2015
11:00 AM CT
(22) Temple vs.
(AAC Championship)
(19) Houston
11:00 AM CT
Southern Miss vs.
(CUSA Championship)
Western Kentucky
11:00 AM CT
Texas at (12) Baylor
1:00 PM CT
Georgia State at Georgia Southern
2:00 PM CT
New Mexico State at Louisiana-Monroe
2:00 PM CT
Texas State at Arkansas State
3:00 PM CT
(2) Alabama vs.
(SEC Championship)
(18) Florida
3:30 PM CT
West Virginia at Kansas State
4:00 PM CT
Troy at Louisiana-Lafayette
6:30 PM CT
Appalachian State at South Alabama
6:30 PM CT
Air Force vs.
(MWC Championship)
San Diego State
6:45 PM CT
(7) Stanford vs.
(Pac-12 Championship)
(20) USC
7:00 PM CT
(1) Clemson vs.
(ACC Championship)
(10) North Carolina
7:00 PM CT
(4) Iowa vs.
(Big Ten Championship)
(5) Michigan State