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What's happening with Texas A&M and Coach Sumlin?

Well, Chip Brown and John Sharp are contradicting each other on the Internet. That's about it right now.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a rough week for Texas A&M Football. A very terrible week that has seen the top two quarterbacks transfer and one wide receiver get suspended. So the next logical step was of course for HornsDigest's Chip Brown (yes, that Chip Brown) to go on air with Bo Mattingly, an Arkansas sports radio talk host, to share the following information, which based on his track record of reporting, is probably false:

But Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp has refuted these reports, according to the Houston Chronicle:

Texas A&M's John Sharp: Report he's trying to fire Kevin Sumlin a 'fairy tale'

At this point there is not much else to go on other than what Chip Brown, a Longhorn pay site reporter with a history of mistakes, said on an Arkansas radio show and John Sharp's curt rebuttal. But that's college football in 2015. Sumlin is averaging nine wins per season in his first four years in the SEC and the 2015 college football season has already seen an enormous amount of coaching turnover.