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Point/Counterpoint: College Football and the Business of "Knowing"

What exactly do we as fans deserve to know?

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Just relax, you'll find out soon enough

by Rush

That's it.

What we "know" is this:

a) Kyler Murray came to A&M with the intent to play two sports
b) the other five-star QB just transferred.

The rest is just rampant speculation and a desire to know. The hunger for knowledge has become a gnawing, burning hole in the insides of football followers: stoked with hundreds of recruiting tidbits and thousands of fluff pieces thrust upon them to justify the intense focus devoted to scouring the massive quantities of internet chatter for just the exact phrase needed to confirm their worst fears or justify gloating over a perceived recruiting win.

Now that hunger has spread to coaching decisions. Every day people wake up and ask GBH (for some strange reason) if a coach has been fired. The expectation is that people will know and share what was said in the privacy of an athletic facility office. Fans confidently repeat speculation couched in vague, non-committal language as if it were first-hand knowledge in order to feel in control, since control and insider knowledge is the ultimate end game and justification for such a zealous accumulation of information. Hedge your predictions enough, and you're never really "wrong."

You want to find out how much money the AD spends on hot dogs? Or obtain a list of media members credentialed for A&M football games? Submit a FOIA. I've done it plenty of times, and that is something we have a "right" to know. You want to find out what was said behind closed doors between a coach, a parent, and a student-athlete? Just wait, and if and when it pertains to you, you'll know. Otherwise, just back off, re-evaluate your level of emotional investment in this sport, or enlist a psychic medium.

Until the pay sites take that next step and install covert surveillance equipment in coaches' offices and charge a fee to listen in to private conversations, we'll just have to pretend like they're still private.


by Chuck
If I want to know what happened behind those closed doors it is my right as a donor and a season ticket holder to know. In fact I should've received an evite to sit in on that meeting. Everyone from Austin to College Station knows that the athletic director is beholden to the whims and fancies of big money donors, and that is exactly the person I purport to be in online interactions. After all, my money pays his salary.

Coach Sumlin above all should know that this is the modern age of social media and hyper-scrutiny of a coaching staff. If he expects to continue to use the Swaggercopter then he needs to dance like the marionette he is. I want to know what he's thinking, what he's saying, who he's hiring, and who he's firing before he knows because this is 2015 and my codependency exceeds my desire to allow a coach to operate with the freedom to make his own decisions. He owes it to me. After all, my money pays his salary.

And as far as Kyler (and his family, I might add!) goes, despite being a student-athlete and barely more than a minor, I deserve to know everything about him including his future decisions and jock strap size. Not only should he be required under his contract to divulge all of this information to subscribers, he should also listen to those of us who know better than him what would be best for his future and his family. After all, my money pays his salary.

My existence comprises 0.000000023% of the total factors influencing this program, but my opinions comprise 100% of what matters. This is America, and if I don't get everything I want right away then I will piss and moan until everyone is fired.