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Daily Bull 12.14.15: Manziel updates and hoops reunions

“But what would be our readers’ reaction if we simply refused to get to the bottom of that question?”

Thomas Mann

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Way to #keep #grinding out there coach. Sumlin managed to capitalize somehow on a series of bye weeks, coaching dissent, and general program malaise and frustration and funnel it all into another offensive line commit. Sumlin's got his Santa hat on and he's doing his best to deliver high spirits in the form of offensive tackles with unlimited potential because that's been working for us hey you know what never mind about that Merry Christmas.

DEFACING GOVERNMENT PROPERTY. SULLYING THE MEMORY OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. DEVALUING AMERICAN CURRENCY. You name it, those charges are going on the rap sheet. More fuel for the giant coal engine of stoked and banking takes of Manziel ire, disdain, and sheer effrontery that are a staple of NFL media frenzies: Johnny Manziel wrote on a hundred dollar bill. Oh and he also started and won a game for Cleveland yesterday as well which seems improbable in the midst of all those crimes against humanity. Good for Johnny, keep getting better on and off the field.

HEY ITS OK YOU CAN COME BACK OUT OF YOUR ROOM AND LIKE AGGIE HOOPS AGAIN. The men took care of business over the weekend against former Big 12 foe K-State, washing that bitter losing aftertaste out and recharging the home faithful. Next up in the Big 12 Reunion Tour is...oh it's just BAYLOR on Saturday at Reed Arena. Go to the game. Get crazy. It's on national TV. Have a ball, this team's fun.

CONGRATS TO ALABAMA CYBORG DERRICK HENRY. The Tide running back had a hell of a season, breaking the SEC rushing yard record and pummeling teams into submission with a series of 45-carry, 220-yard steamrolling performances down the stretch, proving that slow, overpowering smothering is still more valuable than sheer flashiness or an unwillingness to lose in the minds of voters. The entire thing was moving, I'm told. Some humble thanks. Years of hard work come to fruition.

The faintest trace of emotion.