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Daily Bull 11.9.15: SEC West Roundup


Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

RROLLLLLLLLLLLLLTIIIIIIDDDEE. The game of the year they called it. The first Playoff play-out they said. Leonard Fournette's Heisman Showcasing it was dubbed. Well. Les Miles continues to struggle against Nick Saban, as Alabama cruised to a two-touchdown victory at home over #2 LSU. Kirby Smart's merry band of cyborgs held the Heisman frontrunner to a paltry 31 yards on the ground. It was a meticulously-planned and well-orchestrated disassembling of a very good football team by Saban and company, and it was exactly what he wanted football to be.

BUT THIS WASN'T. The burr in the saddle for Nick has to be that Ole Miss loss. Oh, he can abide a loss to Auburn or even the rare East power team. But losing to this ragtag, up-and-down Rebel squad has to have him gnashing his teeth and staring daggers at the tastefully muted tones of his stark office walls. Arkansas and Ole Miss engaged in one of the most entertaining games of the weekend, and when he got to OT, BERT cinched up his tracksuit, threw the playcard out, and went for the win on the first point after attempt, promptly got his QB sacked, but wait there was a facemask, then got the 2-PT conversion on the second try. Football is fun, and this season the SEC West is shaping up to send everyone bowling again I mean it's November and everyone's over .500:


Mississippi State took care of business on Thursday in an ugly rain in Columbia, Missouri. Dak's playing some of his best football late in his senior year, as he chunked four more TDs against the Tigers. The Bulldogs also had this little punt coverage highlight, which is how you know things are going your way.

(Thoughts & prayers go out to the Mississippi State family following the loss of Keith Joseph, Sr. and Keith Joseph, Jr.)