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Daily Bull 11.30.15: SEC West Roundup

How the West was won: the way it always is--through the sheer willpower of Nick Saban

RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports


CONGRATULATIONS NICK SABAN ON YOUR 59TH SEC WEST TITLE GOOD JOB. The Iron Bowl was more entertaining than most expected. Auburn was fired up about showing off that big scoreboard and gave Alabama all they could handle early before the Tide ground them into submission by giving the ball to Derrick Henry approximately three hundred times. Alabama's got to dispatch a Florida team that scored 2 points against Florida State in order to coast into the Playoffs and wouldn't this be a game?

CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON THE EGGS. Ole Miss rolled into Starkville and absolutely demolished the Bulldogs by taking a page from Alabama's playbook and sacking the best QB in the SEC a shitload of times. If you watched any of the first half of this you'll realize the final score was much closer than the game. The Rebels wrapped up that coveted 2nd place in the SEC spot and hooray for moral victories.

CAN'T SPELL "MIZZOU-ARKANSAS HEATED RIVALRY" WITHOUT "MEH". BERT punched out another solid November by drawing energy from the B1G-like cold and misty conditions and smothering the hapless Tigers 28-3 in Gary Pinkel's final game on the sidelines. Now that that's over with, both teams can go back to not caring about the Battle Line trophy thing.

What else is going on? Oh just everything with the bowl predictions and the coaching shuffle and all the rest. Stay tuned as we chip away at that mountain of material out there waiting for us. Have a fun Monday.