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Myles Garrett is a Bednarik Award Semifinalist

Time to pick up some hardware

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't really news, per se, in that by definition news is "newly-received or noteworthy information" and we all know that Myles Garrett exists on another plane of existence when it comes to sheer football ability.

Myles Garrett is the only sophomore among the twenty semifinalists for this year's Chuck Bednarik Award. All the rest are upperclassmen, which is par for the course. This is the award given to the best defensive player in the country. That's it, no other criteria. Just be amazing at football, and we've all seen it this year: Garrett has been the main driving force that has anchored the turnaround on defense. There have been other catalysts for sure: Hall, Watts, and especially Wilson have been stellar, but Garrett is always the one who steps up when we need something to happen.

And he's not just a pass rusher anymore, though he is third in the country in sacks. He's rounded out his game and can stretch the field laterally like no one else: we saw him force a pitch and then chase down the ball carrier against Mississippi State. We saw him run down a wide receiver on a bubble screen last weekend against South Carolina. And he snagged his first career interception in Oxford a couple weeks ago on a nicely batted ball on a pass rush.

The full list of players on the semifinalist list is available here. Alabama, LSU, and Florida are the only other SEC schools represented. Here's to a strong finish for Myles.