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Celebrate Black Friday by consuming plenty of football.

Kena Betancur/Getty Images

Howdy, gang. Hope we all got through yesterday alright. How about that football game last night? Eh? Pretty fun one? Of course any amount of entertainment we derived from that was purely superficial because Ags don't need it.

Okay, if conditions are ideal you are now ensconced comfortably on the couch. A reprieve from hanging up Christmas lights has been granted due to the rain or other mitigating factors. Operation Leftover Sandwich is set to begin. And what's this? A full day of college football starting at eleven. Here's our slate:

Fri, Nov 27, 2015
11:00 AM CT
Miami (FL) at Pittsburgh
11:00 AM CT
Marshall at Western Kentucky
11:00 AM CT
(15) Navy at Houston
11:00 AM CT
Western Michigan at (24) Toledo
11:00 AM CT
Kent State at Akron
12:00 PM CT
Eastern Michigan at Central Michigan
1:00 PM CT
Troy at Georgia State
1:30 PM CT
Missouri at Arkansas
2:30 PM CT
Oregon State at (17) Oregon
2:30 PM CT
(20) Washington State at Washington
2:30 PM CT
(4) Iowa at Nebraska
2:30 PM CT
Boise State at San Jose State
3:30 PM CT
Massachusetts at Buffalo
6:30 PM CT
(7) Baylor at (19) TCU
7:00 PM CT
Tulsa at Tulane

Not a bad little Friday, tbh. And now:  a completely arbitrary rooting guide in case you were on the fence for any of these.

Miami vs Pitt. Watching Miami lose used to be fun. Now it's mostly just sad. But still a little bit fun, which is why I'll root for Pitt. They lost their best player in week one and have still put together a pretty solid record.

Marshall vs. WKU. Just watch this for the fun. Both teams are 9-2, and last year there were 133 points scored in this game. We're all winners here.

Navy vs. Houston. Sorry, Coach Sumlin. Gonna have to pull for the Midshipmen today. Watching that orchestrated option game helmed by an experienced quarterback who's run tens of thousands of practice snaps is a thing of grace and beauty when it clicks.

Western Michigan vs. Toledo. Toledo's good! Just ask Arkansas. Go Rockets.

Kent State vs. Akron. Probably not gonna watch this game. Visit Hustle Belt for all your MAC needs.

Eastern Michigan vs. Central Michigan. Central Michigan has a QB named Rush. GO CHIPPEWAS.

Troy vs. Georgia State. These teams have a combined 7 wins. That's bad! The game is at the Georgia Dome. That's good! It's on ESPN3. Probably won't watch!

Mizzou vs. Arkansas. I love what BERT continues to do in Novembers over the last two years (after we escape with OT victories in September). But I've gotta pull for Pinkel in his final regular season game, especially since they're playing for bowl eligibility.

Oregon State vs. Oregon. BEST RIVALRY GAME NAME THAT IS ALSO A SONG. Go Beavers because we love chaos and anything can happen.

Washington State vs. Washington. It's not often that Wazzu is ranked and UW isn't for the Apple Cup, but there's Mike Leach for you. The Apple Cup is also the name of Starbuck's new cider packaging line. They put apples on the cup. Get it? uggghhhhh. Go Cooooogz in this one.

Iowa vs. Nebraska. Go Hawkeyes. "But Iowa ain't played nobody PAWWLL!" Yeah, and they ain't lost to nobody neither. Love seeing how the Playoffs react to unexpected undefeateds.

Boise State vs. San Jose State. I dunno. If it's tied at 50 in the fourth quarter I may flip over to it but go Spartans I suppose.

UMass vs. Buffalo. Probably not. Just not enough hours in the day.

Tulsa vs. Tulane. The Golden Hurricane is playing for bowl eligibility, but The Green Wave has the home field advantage. Pulling for a 0-0 tie here because singular/collective mascot names are infuriating.

Baylor vs. TCU. Ahh, the meat of the schedule. Have you ever been watching football and one team is just getting pummeled like they always do and you think to yourself: "I feel kinda bad for that team. I'd like to see them do well for a while." Baylor is the argument against that sentiment. They've handled their meteoric rise to prominence over the past five or so seasons with all the grace and aplomb of an Ohio State or Florida State fanbase, except without the historical results to back up their dismissive arrogance. Baylor instantly assumed the smugness and shady practices of a big-time program once they got that first ten-win season. Meanwhile, TCU has been a bit more chill about their success, and if you want to read some eloquent hate, just stroll on over to Frogs O' War. Go TCU.