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Daily Bull 11.16.15: SEC West Roundup


Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

PERMISSION TO HAWG THE TOWER PERMISSION GRANTED. For the second year in a row, Arkansas has had a #NOVEMBERT to remember as they've kicked the tires, lit the fires, and smoked past LSU and Ole Miss in the final month of the season. The Pigs piled up a yard shy of 300 on the ground in Baton Rouge and just smothered #9 LSU. As long as we can keep scheduling them for September games and can keep eking out OT wins I guess we're good [uncomfortable chuckle]

clanga. clanga. It was the saddest of clangas that permeated the air by the end of Saturday's 31-6 dismantling in Starkville at the hands of an intensely-focused Alabama squad. This time Saban chose to just suffocate the most able and proven of any SEC quarterback by sacking him nine times on the day. The Tide is not necessarily known as a pass-rushing team. It's like Nick sits in his dark office on Monday morning and throws darts at a dartboard to decide upon new and exciting ways in which he can humiliate his opponents.

O MAN THIS WOULD'VE BEEN A GREAT GAME TO HAVE IN JULY. Auburn and Georgia were each top ten teams last summer. Georgia was picked to win the East and Auburn was picked to win the whole enchilada. Then football started. Auburn reverted back to their previous hapless state on Saturday after achieving football zen at Kyle Field last weekend, stumbling around in an eventual 20-10 loss to not-quite-as-hapless Georgia. War Eagle hosts Idaho this week in a battle to become bowl-eligible and then the Iron Bowl should just be a daisy of a game.

WHAT A CRAZY COUNTRY. Ole Miss had the second-best week out of anyone in the division, as they climbed back into the top 25 by virtue of not playing a dang game at all.

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone.