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By the Numbers: Texas A&M 41, Western Carolina 17

look at all those numbers

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy, friends. The Ags got the big win last night and we're sure everyone feels really great about it. Let's take a quick dive into some of the stats, but don't pay them too much mind because they might not tell us much about next week.

1. Justin Dunning got his first interception last night, and it was the defense's only forced turnover. He was starting in place of Justin Evans, who was not in pads.

2. Those interceptions by Kyler. Cannot have those. Nice tackle, though.

3. Passing TDs by Kyler. Better!

4. Total passing touchdowns. LOOK AT THIS AIR RAID.

5. Total offensive touchdowns. That's like a whole October! WE'RE UNSTOPPABLE NOW

6. Sorry got carried away; here's your reminder that WCU got six free points on a fumbled kickoff return that was returned for a touchdown in a play so cringe-inducing you tried unsuccessfully to forget about it. Christian Kirk will be strongly encouraged by his coaches and teammates to do better at protecting the ball. He finally made a freshman mistake.

7. Combined tackles by Henderson and Mack, with 3 TFL and one sack between them. The defensive tackles should dominate against an opponent like this, so it was good to see our two biggest guys get good production within a pretty heavy rotation.

8. Tackles by Armani Watts. That's 96 on the year, nearly 40 ahead of the second-leading tackler.

9. Number of players with a reception. Two starting wide receivers were out but we still saw more distribution than normal, which seems to be one of the keys to this thing working properly.

10. Tackles for loss by the defense, including a pair of sacks.

18. Totes for Dolezal. He got 84 solid yards on senior night and carried the load in the second half.

50+. Here is an interesting one: with his 52-yarder last night, Taylor Bertolet has more field goals from over 50 yards than any other kicker in the country. He's 5/8 on the year from long range and added another 47-yarder last night.

100% KYLE ALLEN. He came into the game and went a perfect six for six with a touchdown pass to Christian Kirk and helped fan the nearly-extinguished embers in the ashes of our hopes for the offense so surely there will not be any sort of QB controversy now right nope it will all be fine now the problem has been solved let's move on, nothing wrong with the offense anymore at all nope

109. Yards for Tra Carson in the first half. He didn't play in the second for whatever reason.

198. All-purpose yards for Kirk. He stepped up with 122 receiving yards with Reynolds and Speedy out

302: Total offense for Western Carolina. It seemed like more somehow. It was a deceptive sort of game in which the drastic mistakes seemed amplified due to the opponent.

583: Total offense for Texas A&M. Was this a slump-buster? We'll find out next week against a pretty salty Commodore defense.

In summary: wins are cool and all, but it didn't really tell us much. It looks like we might just limp across the finish line again this year, but it also feels like one of Sumlin's big surprise performances is right around the corner. Maybe. Hopefully? We've got two more SEC games left to enjoy. Or at least watch.

STAT WATCH: Tra Carson went over the century mark again last night, and he now needs 136 yards to break 1,000 on the year. No Aggie running back has broken a thousand since the move to the SEC, but our last two conference foes field some really solid defenses. Getting his numbers would be a huge boost for the run game and the offense as a whole to close out the season.