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Daily Bull 11.10.15: is Spavital done?

Reports indicate that the offensive coordinator could step down following the 2015 season.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

WELL THEN. GigEm247 is reporting that "Changes are coming" for the Texas A&M coaching staff. Spavital is allegedly already on the way out, and others will be re-evaluated based on performance over the last few weeks of the season. Looks like you can put your pitchforks back in the garage for now, but be sure to crow extra-loud that you were calling for his head last October. We're sorry it didn't work out and he's young enough that he'll end up somewhere and hopefully learn from his mistakes. Time to do what Aggies do best: be classy and stop living in the past. We'll see how this story shakes out in the near future.

DON'T FORGET, BUT HOW COULD YOU? Friday the 13th is the start of this year's Aggie Men's Basketball season. The gang's got your intro covered here. Expectations are high, which is the norm for this time of year, and hell even Dickie Vitale has the team going dancing. "IT'S [blurts something unintelligible] BABY!"

#AUBURN #IS #NOT #CLASSY #ZOMG One of the Tigers' defensive backs posted this inflammatory picture to Instagram following the game in which he appears to be [prepare fainting salts] stepping on and/or over Aggie WR Christian Kirk! He has tarnished the image of this gentlemanly sport of senseless violence with an out-of-context photograph and must be ridiculed on the Internet in order for fans to feel better about an awful football performance.

On Mizzou: Loftin will be stepping down as Chancellor at the end of the year, but staying on as the director for research facility development. SB Nation's own Bill C. lives in Columbia and has been involved with the University for many years. Here's his wrap-up from this morning, and if you need more info here is his piece from yesterday.

Let's find something good to talk about. Stevie Ray Vaughan is an Austin legend and one of the most iconic figures in Texas music. College football on Thanksgiving Day in Austin is still a fairly big deal (even though it could be much bigger if we'd play the damn game). I'll definitely tune in for this halftime show and stick around to watch Kliff's offense dance that beautiful dance they do.