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Counterpoint: Texas A&M's Sumlin and the USC job

Hey look, A COLUMN. It's not impossible that Kevin Sumlin would leave A&M for another job such as USC. But if he did so, it would be on his terms, not talking points drummed up in a quick-click article.

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The Ags did not look perfect on Halloween as they defeated South Carolina 35-28, so we guess that seemed like as good a time as any for Saturday Down South to suggest it's time for Sumlin to move on to bigger and better things. Sure, why not? Let's break it down.

I am a Kevin Sumlin fan. He grew up about 45 minutes north of me. I have seen his high school play football. For the past three weeks, I have covered his press conferences and found him more engaging than most coaches.

Sounds like you're basically family.

I like the guy.

That seals it: you're qualified to advise him on his career.

Here is my advice for him: it’s time to get out of Dodge. Or College Station to be exact.


Being from south Alabama and playing college football at Purdue, it seems Sumlin’s dream job should be in the SEC. A young African-American who comes back to the South and is successful.

So A&M fits your parameters of his dream job already? Not sure how that is an argument for him to leave. Also, Kevin Sumlin is 50 years old. Also, what?

But why stay if you are not appreciated?

If you think he's not appreciated, you're reading the dregs of the Aggie Internet and you should stop that now.

The Aggies lost to Alabama at home, although they pretty much gave that game away. Then they were embarrassed at Ole Miss. A&M couldn’t even get into the Rebels’ end zone.

Yep, we saw those games too! It was no fun!

Now this. Texas A&M should beat South Carolina like a drum. But the Aggies didn’t do that. And the Kyle Field crowd seemed to let their displeasure known.

Very rarely do we see the things that should happen actually happen exactly as planned in college football. Most reasonable people knew any win would be a positive with a true freshman starting at QB for the very first time.

A 35-28 win against the Gamecocks does not sit well in Aggieland. Good. Take that as a sign.

Yes it does. 500+ yards, no turnovers, and a conference win after the last two weeks is just fine with most. Not exciting and overly-inspiring, but fine in that we stopped the skid and reversed the trend.

Coach, you’ve done about all you can there. You had a Heisman winner. You beat Alabama when it was hot as a pistol. What else do you want there?

He wants to win the SEC. And compete for a national championship. He's mentioned this several dozen times over the past few years.

There are better situations than Texas A&M and you can have your choice of them.

Better for whom? How does anyone but Sumlin know what he prioritizes in a situation?

First, you are playing in the SEC West. Alabama and LSU will always be a tough game. Ole Miss is better. Does anyone want to play Mississippi State or Arkansas? Auburn has players, too. Why would anyone want to face that Marquis de Sade schedule?

Because highly-driven professionals do not back down from challenges and want to compete at the highest level possible.

Coach, you can go to the SEC East where it is easier to get to the title game. You can go to the Big Ten and take on Urban Meyer. You can go to Los Angeles and cash in financially and with the local recruiting talent.

You can go to Reno, Chicago, Fargo, Minnesota, Buffalo, Toronto, Winslow, Sarasota...

You would be a perfect fit at Southern Cal.

It's true. There is a Kevin Sumlin-shaped void in the collective psyche of the entire Southern Cal fanbase. They've been yearning for someone with no ties to the area and a completely different offensive philosophy to just pop in and seamlessly take them to the next level.

You have contacts in Texas for recruits. Also in Louisiana and the junior colleges. Add those kids to the ones you can get in L.A., and that is a great talent base.


But more than anything, coach, you won’t have to see Les Miles or Nick Saban again unless it is in a bowl game.

Is that a condition of employment at USC? He can't hang out with Les or Nick anymore? Seems petty.

Jackie Sherrill was not happy at A&M. Neither was Emory Bellard, R.C. Slocum, Gene Stallings or Bear Bryant.

Wow. Buckle up, because this Delorean's headed back 50-60 years to get inside the mind of The Bear. R.C. Slocum loves being miserable so much that he coached at A&M as an assistant/head coach for nearly three decades and became an adviser as soon as he stepped down in 2002. Gene Stallings was so displeased with A&M that he served on the Board of Regents. What a trail of malcontent.

Take the chance to leave College Station and make your name elsewhere.

It's now or never, Sumlin. If you don't leave College Station TODAY, you will never be allowed to. A spell reminiscent of a Stephen King tale will descend upon you and your family tethering you to Brazos County for all eternity.

Texas A&M will get a new coach and he will be the one to take the grief.

EVERY coach at Texas A&M takes grief. It's what we do. Kevin Sumlin obviously doesn't mind it, because he's tolerated it with grace and aplomb now for nearly four seasons.

You can go to the Pac-12 and contend for the national title. Also, you can have a contract with more zeroes.

FACT: only Pac-12 teams are eligible for national titles. On the other hand, if USC is offering FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS, that might be difficult to turn down. And that's only with one extra zero!

Most important, you can leave behind all the headaches, just like the others did.

Like Slocum and Stallings. Got it.

No headaches at USC. Nope, none at all.