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Daily Bull 10.5.15: Monday SEC West Roundup

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

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Happy bye Monday. Take a load off and enjoy it.

AND YOU WILL KNOW MY NAME IS SABAN WHEN I LAY MY VENGEANCE UPON YOU. Oh no. Losing at home to Hugh Freeze will not do. ULM is an unworthy recipient of his wrath, despite the history. It was always going to be Georgia. Nick summoned the forces of nature and swept into Athens on dark clouds and reinforced the worst fears of all Dawgs fans. Sadness was the order of the day. By the end, the few remaining Georgia fans in Sanford Stadium witnessed a lone man wielding an umbrella to bend nature to his will. Roll Tide.

AND BERT DID OVERCOME. The Hogs went into Knoxville with their season's dreams hanging by a tattered thread and lo did they run the dang ball a little. The Razorbacks capitalized on a Tennessee team that seems intent on imminent collapse by coming up with just enough big plays to win. If you think you may have seen a team that jumps out to big leads in exciting big games only to choke away in epic fashion, then nope, you are mistaken, you have not ever seen anything like it before.

THUS OUR LAMENT SOUNDS--ACROSS SHALLOW SWAMPS. Ole Miss rode the crest of their high and beautiful wave directly into the fetid, marshy dream graveyard that had previously been rendered neutrally charmed by the aura of Will Muschamp. No more. The Gators were incisive and relentless in crushing the frail bird skeleton of Hugh Freeze's playoffs dreams in their greedy jaws like popcorn. And in doing so, they provided the blueprint for beating the Rebels: give your QB the flu the week before the game. Fortunately, we have two. Heads or tails, Kyle.

NOTHING SUCCEEDS AS PLANNED. The nation's worst rush defense was to match up against the universe's only Leonard Fournette and the results were supposed to A S T O U N D us as if we were childlike infomercial connoisseurs. THAT'S AMAZING! No, instead a football game happened and the Tigers showed many human-like vulnerabilities, as football teams will. Still, #7 got his 230+ and they won by 22. The only thing more frightening than a Les Miles-coached team is a Les Miles-coached team that actually sticks to the pre-ordained narrative. If LSU ever starts playing as well as their ranking and potential dictates then we are all doomed. Until then, it's just a Russian Roulette game to see who gets to beat them like a drum in an uncomfortable early kickoff or who will lose 3-0 in double overtime during a monsoon.

AS TRUTH BE TOLD, HOMECOMING NEVER GETS OLD. Ahh, the Auburn Tigers. Remember that time last summer when this happened? Don't ever listen to sports media predictions no matter how desperately you're wallowing in the clutches of deep July and August. The intro to College and Mag's recap of their win over San Jose State sums it up:

The first half stats were depressing. San Jose State had more yards through the air and on the ground. They had almost twice the Time Of Possession. However, because of the -3 in the turnover margin, the Tigers were leading 21-7 at the half.

This is a game they won by 14 points, but it feels like doom. Something's going down on The Plains. Gus has a bye week this week as well before a Thursday night game against Kentucky on the 15th. If there were ever a lifeline for a struggling SEC West program, Kentucky is it.