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Daily Bull 10.27.15: Auburn is a Night Game


WELL THERE YOU HAVE IT. Texas A&M and Auburn will kick at 6:30 PM on the SEC Network at Kyle Field on November 7th. There's your night game, a week late and a uniform short. Perhaps we shouldn't plan elaborately-staged alternate uniforms to be dependent upon time of day. Do we think the SEC is going to take Adidas into consideration when scheduling games for an entire conference? And while we're at it, can we stop acting like night games are some sort of birthright? We've had two 11 a.m. kickoffs now against below-average opponents, and one 2:30 p.m. CBS kick against the cream of the SEC, which is one of the most coveted time slots there is. Sure, it's fun to wake up later and tailgate all day for a night game, but we must take what the football gods give us and make the best of it: we only get a dozen of these a year.

/straightens imaginary tie

//exhales deeply

Sorry. Now that the good news is out of the way, here's one last look at the Ole Miss game, courtesy of Team Speed Kills. Go ahead and click on over there if you don't mind agonizing over painful details, reliving horrible memories in an excruciatingly thorough manner, dredging up harmful and discouraging statistics to emphasize your worst fears, and marveling at the repeated ineffectiveness of something that was once so prolific and dominant.

In short, if you are a lifelong fan of Aggie Football.

Have a good Tuesday!