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Yelp Reviews: Spa VITAL

We can always rely on Yelp for reasonable, measured, discussion.

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Ags, relax your mind and souls. It's been a turbulent couple of weeks for Aggie Football, so while perusing the world wide web in search of inner peace, we discovered the ultimate crossroads of tranquility and fervor:

Yelp reviews: Spa VITAL

As usual, we have opted to allow Yelp to guide our spirits and minds in this endeavor. Here are some real-life testimonials about Spa VITAL:

Dom M. writes:

I had a several treatments - muscle melt massage, 60 min facial, & manicure.

I explained to my Esthetician I practiced for 8 yrs previously and was looking only for relaxation. She followed suit, however I thought it was odd she applied cold elixirs with cold hands only to my face, and not to my neck or décolleté. I don't want to judge since my overall opinion of this place was that the therapists had to follow a strict protocol. Wherever I have worked as an Esty, massage had always been very important. I've never had a facial that didn't spend adequate time on this, so I was a little let down since I felt the Esty had a really nice touch.

Protocol is important, Dom, but shouldn't they just skip it and give you what you want? You are paying handsomely for it, after all.

Kellie B. writes

My boyfriend and I went in for massages - I got a swedish and my boyfriend got a deep tissue. I was really pleased with my swedish massage with Austin. He really knew what he was doing and released a lot of tension in problem areas in my back. He let me choose the scent of oil that I wanted, asked about pressure and asked if I wanted the massage table heat turned on.

This is frightening, Kellie. We used to be fairly confident about our chances against Austin but like you mentioned they might really put the heat on us and work our backside for 60 minutes.

Natalie L. writes:

The spa is small but nice.  The body treatment I had was wonderful!
However, I broke out in hives after my facial.

Girl, tell us about it. That same thing happened to us after 2014 Alabama!

Alison B. writes:

I looked all over Yelp at reviews for which spa experience I wanted for my Mother's Day gift.  I settled on Spa Vital and I would say a lot of the other reviews are pretty spot on.

Overall it was a good experience, but not amazing.  If you are looking to get in and out, the treatments are good; if you are looking for relaxation and a total experience, probably not the spa for you.

Guess perception depends on your expectations. Spa VITAL sometimes is just enough to get the job done.

Rebecca R. writes:

They were finally scheduled for the end of the day on a Thursday and the staff was rude and made us feel super rushed - NOT AT ALL RELAXING.

The manicures and pedicures left a lot to be desired, they left out some of the features explained in the treatments on their website and in the pamphlet right next to me while I was getting my toes done. And the bench you sit in for a pedicure is rather uncomfortable for what I want when going to a spa.

Sounds like they got in a hurry for no good reason and were ultimately less than advertised. It seems they lack an identity.

Emily J. writes:

I was really disappointed with Spa Vital. Being an avid consumer of almost all the Cherry Creek shops and venues I was expecting excellent and friendly service. Instead I got snubbed by everyone I came across in this place. The spa itself is lovely and very nicely appointed, and the parking was validated. I had just gotten off of a red eye from Hawaii and was really looking forward to getting a pedicure-mainly to get all those beach calluses off! My pedicure was less than stellar as my calluses were still there after the fact (and they weren't that bad!). There was no scrubbing involved and I could have done my nails the same as the tech did at home. I don't mean to be negative but it was just a really disappointing experience, I was just hoping for some TLC and it just didn't happen. Perhaps I will give Spa Vital another chance but for the time being I'll keep to my less fancy salon.

We hear you, Emily: all flash and no substance. Stop gettin' cute and run the dang ball.