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Daily Bull 10.20.15: We're Versatile

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TOUGH LOSS GOTTA REGROUP. It's frustrating. It is. We have high hopes because we see what the team's capable of. But moving forward is how you jump to that next level. Notorious QB Stephen McGee talked expectations, reactions, and the future of Kyle Allen on Aggie Nation yesterday. #10 is not done, y'all. Think Auburn 2014. That's Kyle Allen with something to prove.

UGGGHHHHH, INJURIES. We hate to see injuries of any kind. But losing key players like dominoes in the middle of the season is no good at all. Ole Miss learned yesterday that their starting center is done for the year with a torn ACL. That's in addition to two of their top defenders going through concussion protocols ALONG WITH THEIR PUNTER. Best recovery wishes go out to all these guys.

HORNUNG? SOUNDS SUSPICIOUS. Christian Kirk can tack another virtual trophy to his wall or whatever kids do these days He was honored with the Paul Hornung Award's weekly honor roll, which goes to the nation's most versatile player. Kirk had another 212 all-purpose yards in the punt return, kick return, receiving, and rushing games. Too bad he didn't get to throw a pass or two EYYOOOOO.


Another BTS sneak peak with @mizzenandmain

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We all know the feeling. We just want to jump on a sailboat in our trendy, carefully-tailored sailingwear and disappear for a few days. Check back in on the team from our next port of call. But that is not our lot. We're landlocked here with Aggie Football, for better or for worse. And things have been a little bit worse lately, though not nearly as bad as they could be. So bon voyage, Clay, and may the tides bear you well. Send us a line on Instagram when you are able. You're sailing for all of us today, so take these good tidings from Aggiedom and spread them 'round all the seas of the world.